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10 Important Signs That Your Body Is Very Stressed

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Everyone sometimes feels under the weather but if there is something that is bothering you for some time, then you should take your health seriously, maybe it’s all about stress. Many doctors say that Can cause various diseases.

4Remedy has selected some of the most popular symptoms that are affecting your body with stress.

1. Skin diseases

Scientists have studied among students, due to psoriasis, acne, and other skin diseases, due to stress, and it showed a direct connection between a high level of psychological stress and skin problems. An experiment with mice gave the same result, those animals who suffered large amounts of stress were more susceptible to skin infection.

2. Changing weight

You can be in a situation where you can not stabilize your weight with diet or physical exercise.

Some very deep experience can get you extra pounds as it has been found, often the production of hormone cortisol increases in stressful situations. It stabilizes the metabolism of fat and carbohydrate and supports the essential levels of sugar in the blood. If a person has a lot of hormones, then the person will eat more, the body will produce less testosterone, and the body will burn less calories. And with this you have to increase the weight.

Occasionally stress and anxiety cause people to lose weight. Adrenaline levels increase in blood, it happens. Adrenaline speeds up the metabolism, but it slows down fat emissions. Scientists have also blamed the CRH hormone for weight loss.

3. Frequent colds

As we said earlier, stress is produced by cortisol, which can suppress inflammation. However, if a person is facing chronic stress, then the immune system becomes less sensitive to cortisol, which results in a more severe swelling. The body is at high risk of being cold.

Do not blame for cold weather because it is only a trigger for a body having weak immune system. If you become ill often, think about it which makes you very anxious in your life, and try to eliminate it.

4. Gastrointestinal Disorders

Scientific evidence is that the stress on the gastrointestinal tract can have negative effects. Occasionally, medicines for stomach ache and stomach ache does not help. In this case, a trip to a psychologist can be very helpful. A doctor will determine the causes of your concern and will try to help you

5. Difficulties focusing

People who have long been in stress, it is difficult to concentrate on working. If you see that you have focused less attention than usual, then it’s time to slow down and rest. This is due to nerve stress

6. Loss of hair

Scientists have come to the conclusion that stress can make you partially or completely bald. If you have found that you have fewer hair before, and different vitamins do not take positive effect, stress can be a cause. If you want to keep your beautiful hair, then stop worrying.

7. Headaches

Headaches can be due to many reasons: osteo-chondrosis, sleep, low or high blood pressure, sinusitis, pregnancy, and many other wrong situations. But sometimes the headaches are due to emotional stress that you have at home or work

Taking pills can help with headaches, but if you do not exclude stressful situations from your life, then the headache will return again more often

8. Low libido

An emotionally drained person, who is often exposed to stress, is usually less libido, scientists have done a study and came to such a conclusion. So if you do not have sex with your partner for a long time, then you are not mad or do not worry because this will not help the situation. If the reason is really tension, then it will only do worse things to do a great job to go on holiday together.

9. Problems with sleep

In stressful situations, there may be serious problems with sleep if you have a heavy stress for a long time then you may have insomnia. This is a very difficult condition because a person can not work normally and without good sleep Can enjoy life. When sleeping pills no longer work, it is time to take caution and perhaps a doctor should look. It is very important that you can find out the cause of your sleep problems and finish it as soon as possible.


10. Cardiovascular diseases

In our heart there is a lot to do during our life, both good things and bad have a bad effect on the heart of stress. Scientists have proved that one of the most important causes of cardiac diseases is severe stress. Such situations as hard work, or, on the contrary, no work, living in poverty, and problems in the family only make things worse.

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