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7 Things That Physically Change Your Brain

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7 Things That Physically Change Your Brain

Have you ever dreamed of becoming super healthier, more positive, clever? Now this is good news 4remedy offers some tips that you can use to upgrade your brain to a new level. And as easy as they are!

1. Stop nagging.

Once you provoke your habit, your brain triggers many changes during that time, which creates negative bias and can also end in depression, rather than complaining about how difficult life is, You can get out in the sun, walk and meditate, at the University of North Carolina, psychologists experimented and found that for 20 minutes People who think positively are employed they come also retain more carefully and reduce the symptoms of diseases.

2. Be grateful for what you have

Find at least 3 things by the end of the day, which you feel grateful for. Journal of Psychotherapy and Neuroscience says that such practice will increase the level of serotonin in your brain. Serotonin is essential for the proper functioning of your prefrontal cortex, which regulates self-reflection and emotional balance, thus helping to eliminate the previous panic pattern, see the positive daily activities in detail, you can also write them down Are there

3. Verbalize negative feelings

You may want to write down your negative feelings, do not be shy! Go ahead and nail them on paper. Scientists say that linguistic processing of emotions reduces Amygdala activity, there is a fear center in your brain, and thus reduces stress levels. A quiet amygdala means a happy you

4. Be around people

A 2010 study at the University of Michigan showed that other people get great benefit to your brain as being soft or with only one physical space with friends. At the large level, if you surround yourself with intelligent and emotionally stable people, then there may be positive changes in your brain Do you know that humans are contagious? You can be “infected” by emotions and behavioral behaviors. This phenomenon is also known as social or emotional condolences.

5. Hug someone

Hog is magical; A hot distraction leaves our brain Dopamine – Happiness hormone This is the reason that you feel immediately safe and comfortable. Keep in mind the researchers that by embracing, blood pressure decreases, stress decreases, and improves your mood

6. Stop multitasking

Turn on multitasking in monotoking When you are talking on your phone, surfing the Internet, and writing a message, you might think that you are multitasking, but studies show that one at a time Your productivity decreases by approximately 40% in an attempt to focus on more things than that. So cut off deviation and pay attention to a task for a limited job. Once you do, reward yourself with a small break of physical exercise, a cup of tea, or a quick phone call.

7. Tune in the right music

Fortunately, it is good news that you do not have to stop music to work productively. In fact, the right music gives you the flexibility in the alpha brains to create a variety of playlists to help you focus on work together with Music Service Focus @ Key Neuroscience. 
Of course, whatever activities you can do to improve your brain, it is not smiling, taking a nap, cheating your cat, breathing in fresh air, highlighting yourself in more light. , And anything healthier that improves your mood, works better for your brain too. Bright Side Would Like To Know About Your Favorite Way To Boost Performance Of Your Brain!

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